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Tak Wah Eng Creates Art Through The Medium of Jewelry

Tak Wah Eng’s dual passions- Kung Fu and fine art- have guided his life for almost 50 years. Eng’s high school art teacher encouraged him to hone his drawing and painting techniques, and he later worked as a graphic designer. For a time, Eng devoted himself entirely to practicing and teaching Kung Fu, but has since begun to create again while partnering with writer and glass artisan Annette Shapiro. 

Eng’s artistic style utilizes elements of classical Chinese calligraphy on hand-painted stones. These stones carry individual, distinct meanings attached to impart positive values on their owner, and each one is incorporated into a one-of-a-kind piece to wear or display.

Every piece of jewelry associated with Tak Wah Eng is priceless and contains a blessing from the master himself. The artworks are charged with energy consisting of creativity and spirit in motion. To own a piece imbued with such value, simply browse the collection here at Eng+Shapiro.

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