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The Beauty of Handcrafted Venetian Glass

The tradition of flame-worked glass beads goes back centuries, and is still alive and well today in many communities around the world. One of the most beloved and innovative traditions in glassmaking is associated with Venetian glass. At Eng+Shapiro, we use authentic Venetian glass from Murano in the creation of our jewelry.

Artisan Annette Shapiro has been making flame worked glass beads for over 25 years, right here in Brooklyn. These ornate, colorful creations are incorporated into our handcrafted jewelry items, with each one beating its own story and meaning. Rich colors, patterns, and textures catch the eye, whether you choose to wear the creation or display it in a place of honor.

The Venetian glass pairs with elements of traditional Chinese calligraphy in an innovative yet familiar blend of cultural practices. Whether one of our existing creations catches your attention, or you’d like to create a custom order using personal items, Eng+Shapiro is honored to provide you with one-of-a-kind, priceless works of art.

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