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Essential Characteristics of Chinese Jewelry

At Eng+Shapiro, we combine many essential elements of Chinese jewelry together with other cultural influences to create new yet familiar works of art. Chief among these traditional elements is our usage of classical Chinese calligraphy.

This calligraphy always carries a message and a purpose. Some of our stones are painted for luck, others for power, and others still for a sense of freedom and being unattached. All are given a blessing by Zen master Tak Wah Eng as part of their crafting. These painted stones are paired with smaller glass beads, charms, and semiprecious stones to further enhance the appearance and spiritual meaning.

For example, many of our pieces contain Jade. Jade stone is believed to bring luck and is used as a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. It is thought to have protective and lucky-charm energy, so babies in Asian cultures are often gifted with bracelets when they are born. At the same time, the stone is associated with abundance. The crystal is believed to help recalibrate your energy and heal scarcity with money.

Each piece by Eng+Shapiro will speak directly to the heart while sparking curiosity about the symbolism of Chinese jewelry and the story behind the artwork. A card explaining the message behind the symbol accompanies every piece.

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