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Why is jade widely used in Chinese jewelry?

Jade was regarded as the most precious stone in ancient China as a symbol of purity and moral integrity. The jade stone is thus prized for its durability and magical qualities. There are several reasons why jade is widely used in Chinese jewelry.
Jade is believed to bring luck and is used as a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. It is thought to have protective and lucky-charm energy, so babies in Asian cultures are often gifted with bracelets when they are born. At the same time, the stone is associated with abundance. The crystal is believed to help recalibrate your energy and heal the scarcity mindset with money.
Secondly, the jade stone represents balance and harmony. If you feel off-kilter in your lie, wearing a piece of Chinese jade jewelry is believed to bring you back to the center. Experts believe the jade stone is perfect for grounding, balancing the body, and calming the nervous system. It can also bring balance to relationships to ensure harmony.
Jadestone has been carved and polished into Chinese jewelry, where it is used for ritual objects. China started carving the jade stone in the Neolithic period to make sacrificial and ritual objects. For example, the bi is a common jade ritual object produced during the Shang and Zhou dynasty. The bi are often found placed on the waist of the deceased.
Due to being a precious material without any additions, jade has been frequently used in jewelry, even more than gold and silver. The precious stone plays a central role in Chinese culture, where it is used in jewelry production, statues, and more. Today, the jade stone is seen with jewelry, ornaments, bracelets and other tools such as knives.

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