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What Is So Special About Chinatown Jewelry?

Chinatown is known for its jewelry created that is full of painstakingly crafted symbols and motifs. The stones carry specific meanings that can be gifted to commemorate special occasions such as childbirth and marriage. For example, if you purchase a catfish pendant, it symbolizes wishes for happy marriages and longevity.

At Eng+Shapiro, we utilize this tradition in many of our pieces. Hand painted stones are the centerpiece of our jewelry, each one uniquely altered with a distinct meaning. Additional stones and charms are paired with handcrafted glass beads to create works of art filled with deep feeling and spiritual power.

Nothing expresses emotion and character like a timeless piece of handcrafted jewelry made from quality materials such as hand painted stone, and that’s exactly what we strive to provide you. We carry on these longstanding Chinatown jewelry traditions through our own individualized interpretations.

These are masterworks that could only be created in the cultural crossroads of New York City.

If you’d like to order from Eng+Shapiro, please look through our store. We even offer custom orders that offer you an even more personal role in the jewelry that will ultimately be yours to wear or display. 

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