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For years, Master Tak Wah Eng has been creating art in motion in his Chinatown studio. Now, for the first time his artwork is available for sale. He has recently begun painting on stones, which combined with Venetian glass beads handmade by Annette Shapiro, are one-of-a-kind and priceless works of art that can be worn or hung in a place of honor in the home. Each is a depiction of classical Chinese calligraphy, filled with feeling, spirit and creativity. 


Eng and Shapiro work together with these natural elements—stones collected in China, and along the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the Abruzzo and Le Marche regions of Italy—to bring you a sense of energy and protection. 


Be inspired by the spirit and power and receive a blessing from the Zen master for your own home. In Master Eng’s own poetry, “Blessed by Zen masters / With Zen and martial art / Water and color.”

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